We’re NYU Seed — the only on-campus Christian publication at New York University.

We publish and print a magazine every semester! It's filled with works from members both students and alumni.

We are always looking for writing pieces (short stories, poems, essays, etc.) and photography/illustrations!

You can email submissions to seedatnyu@gmail.com.

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Our general fellowship meetings are Mondays at 6pm - 8pm in Kimmel 903.

We hold our prayer meetings on Thursdays in Neighborhood Church (Time TBD).

We have group bible study on Saturdays in the Silver Biology Lounge (Time TBD).

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We will have our first meeting for the fall semester Monday September 12 at 6pm in Kimmel 903!

Dinner and refreshments will be provided. Come for fellowship, to praise, and to learn more about NYU Seed.

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